Arlene McCrae is the worst child support attorney in the world. When the court says that you have to file certain documents by the deadline, they mean that!

So when you can't get your attorney on the phone and they don't bother to show up for your hearing, what happens? Default judgment against you! Now I have thousands of dollars in child support arrears because of someone else's negligence.

Never dealing with this attorney again and I wish I could get a refund on my money. Do not hire Arlene Mccrae for your case unless you want to lose and lose big

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #915205

What an outrageous and bogus allegation. I wouldn't be in practice if I engaged in such negligent behavior on a case.

This is a sabotage by a woman who I never represented but my client has a child in common with her. On October 21, 2014 the judge reprimanded her because she was exposed in court. She was also smart enough to leave a nasty and threatening message for me which I have saved.

God be with her. I hope she is prepared for the consequences of her false and slanderous actions.

to law office of Arlene McCrea Brooklyn, New York, United States #920899

If the comments about you are false, you may contact the site's administrator to have them removed.

to law office of Arlene McCrea Rockville Centre, New York, United States #1203922

She's is the not good lawyer...I agree with the individual on what they are saying....it happen to me as well...

to law office of Arlene McCrea #1203931

If you were really a lawyer, then you would/should know that Slander is spoken and Libel is written. Your posting should have said "libelous" actions and NOT "slanderous" actions.

BTW: Truth is an absolute defense against any charges of slander or libel.

Just saying! :-)

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